The third round of the third round of the third round of Ningbo Zhenhai is released is negative

The third round of the third round of the third round of Ningbo Zhenhai is released is negative

  [At 0:30 on December 13] The third round of the third round of Ningbo Zhenhai released: Under the active cooperation of the general public, on December 12, 2021, Ningbo Town Sea District conducted a third round of the whole region New crown virus nucleic acid detection, total detection of 57,4181 people, the nucleic acid detection results are negative. [At 20 o’clock on December 12] Ningbo held a press conference in the prevention and control of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, introducing the situation of Ningbo City and prevention and control. At the meeting, Wang Renyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Ningbo Municipal Government, and the executive deputy director of the Office of the Office of the City, said that since December 6th, the city has reported 44 cases of local confirmed cases, and the asymptomatic infection before report It has been transferred to a diagnosis case. At present, isolation treatment is carried out in the fixed-point hospital. The relevant epidemic prevention places have been in accordance with the prevention and control of the epidemic, strictly carry out the work of classified management and environmental murd. Wang Renyuan said, on December 11, Ningbo has launched the fourth round of nucleic acid detection for the Zhenchuan Street sealing area and control area of ??Zhenhai District, a total of 25,289 people, and 3 cases of positive infection. From the morning of December 12th, the third round of nucleic acid detection in the town sea area was launched. As of 8 o’clock in the evening, a total of 569,980 people were sampled, and 51,5067 people have been reported to be negative.

As of 12, at 15, Ningbo City accumulated 3,141 people, 5,225 secondary immunity, and 10,4654, general contact, and the general contact personnel were strictly implemented, and all of the secret isolation points were isolated in central isolation.

  Wang Renyuan said that this town is in the current point of view, there are mainly three features: First, the placement of the places is obvious, the current reported 44 cases of confirmed cases, all in the Zhenchuan street management area of ??Zhenhai District, among them 15 cases in Linjiang Community, 11 cases of Wuli Brand Village, 7 cases of Scenic Jiuyuan, 6 cases of Hongqiao Sifang Construction site, 3 cases of Hongqiao Community, 1 case along the Yangtze River Village and Qijunyuan.

So far, there is no positive infected person outside the Qichuan street control area, indicating that our control is precise and effective, and the epidemic has no overflow. Second, the spread chain is relatively clear, the starting case is first spread in the family, and the family members are passed to colleagues, and their colleagues have caused multi-person infections through the Zhenhai District Life Sun Moxibustion Center, and then the infected by the center is in the family Inside, the community has caused continuous infections, the epidemic situation is clear in the local spread of the town sea, all of which are the same spread chain, and all infected people are more clear.

  The third is that the virus has been clear. After the national health committee virus research, it is determined that the local cases (including Ningbo) with local cases (including Ningbo) with Shanghai, Jiangsu epidemic case, and associated with the epidemic.

After three generations of testimony by Ningbo City CDC, the result is a Delta strain (evolutionary branch) Warsaw strain.

  Wang Renyuan said that through the common fight against Ningbo, Ningbo’s epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased outcomes.

Next, Ningbo will conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government deployment requirements, so as soon as possible, resolutely prevent increasing, effective pipe variables, consolidate the results, expand the results, and realize the residence of the town and the earth, and resolutely decisively. Clean and thoroughly win the epidemic prevention and control. One is to quickly accurately block the spread chain.

Continue to do a good job in nucleic acid screening inspection according to the specification requirements, and organize nucleic acid detection in the whole person, check the infectious source with the shortest time, and tubably.

For newly discovered positive infections, the first time is taken back to the source, accurately troubleding secret, secondary secret person, the first time to implement control measures, ensure that one person is not leaked.

Strict isolation measures are taken to all risk people, and they should be separated by separation, isolation, and resolutely cut off the risk of dissemination.

  Second, strictly control the social surface of the tightness.

Strictly implement the requirements of Class I emergency response, compress the "four parties" responsibilities, and continue to strictly grasp socially controlled. Continue to do a well-controlled work in the streets of Kawasawa, and effectively take people in place.

At the same time, Zhenhai District must strictly restrict all kinds of personnel aggregation activities, strictly do a good job in closed-loop management in public places, firmly defense input, anti-proliferation, and prevent extravers. The third is to investigate and eliminate risk points in time.

Play the role of precision intellate control mechanism, focus on the key area of ??Sukuan Street, comprehensively investigate the risk hidden dangers of key parts such as construction sites, rural communities, and rentals, and take effective measures to effectively eliminate all kinds of risk hazards. The fourth is to weadow the whole people prevention and control network.

Epidemic prevention and control is no bystanders, everyone is participants.

Everyone should take the initiative to support, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention, improve the protection awareness, do wearing masks, hardworked hands, less agglomeration, reduce cross-regional flow, try not to go to the closed public places for people.

Vaccine vaccination for preventing infection, reducing the positive effects of severe intensity, hoping citizens who have not yet vaccinated or inoculated with vaccination, and meet the requirements in time, which is both self-protection, and the needs of epidemic prevention and control. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.