Temperature, clean, and kill! Kovos multi-new commercial robots play out of the epidemic prevention and control "combination boxing"

Temperature, clean, and kill! Kovos multi-new commercial robots play out of the epidemic prevention and control "combination boxing"

In the context of the national development of orderly recovery, artificial prevention and control of cross-infection, office environment is stronger and other issues, how to use technology prevention and control. Kovos commercial robots concentrate on human materials, innovation upgraded Kovos epidemic prevention robots, indoor disinfection robots, outdoor cleaning killing robots, epidemic prevention, accompanying robots, etc., anti-control service robots, and optimized the complete set of epidemic prevention and control solutions To achieve a comprehensive coverage of the epidemic.

Kovos epidemic prevention ribers are a non-contact independent mobile temperature measuring robot suitable for stations, hospitals, office buildings, factories, campuses and community apartments and other places.

The robot can uninterrupted non-contact infrared body temperature screening in a human flow-intensive public place, and the measurement is accurately measured by infrared thermal imaging technology, and the fever population is quickly screened, and the accuracy of measuring is ± ° C. The robot can be free to shuttle in a complex environment, 360 ° without dead angle screening temperature measurement, 1 minute to detect about 200 people, the crowd does not need to stay, avoid crowding.

Based on AI + 5G technology for face detection, robots can identify unwaped people, remind wear or artificial intervention, prevent epidemic transmission.

Real-time surveying records in real time, support historical data backtracking and analysis, and assisted in combating human material resources in epidemic prevention scenes. Regardless of the day or night, Kovos epidemic prevention machine is fixed to mobile temperature and temperature, 24 hours, all-day prevention, avoid cross-infection, and continue to protect public safety.

Kovus interior disinfection robots integrated medical level ultraviolet, ozone, under the support of robots autonomous navigation capacity, self-disinfection of environmental objects and air.

Charge is used, no pollution-free chemical residue. 20min completed 100M3 killed, bactericidal rate%. The mobile phone is easy to plan, and the robot autonomous navigation avoids the destination.

Kovos outdoors and sweep killing robots focusing on the community, park, secondary roads and other cities clean and kill blind spots. One job can drive 30 kilometers, clean up 10,000 square meters per hour, disinfect by 70,000 square meters, and atomize the numerals of 10m. Ultra-dry distracting disinfection, good dispersion, can achieve conventional difficulty in contact, achieving 360 degrees without dead angle disinfection.

Artificiality and automatic driving free switching, disinfecting + cleaning + dust-saving + dust-shaping integrated design, can be used in a routine anti-detection vehicle that cannot arrive in a remote stenosis channel, instead of artificial entry, and pollutes environmental disinfection.

Kovos epidemic prevention, through voice intersection, image intelligence, intelligent sports chassis, combined with the intelligent self-developed NLP, speech recognition, intention identification and other technologies, and no contact Psychological counseling, no contact with remote consultation and consultation, contactless isolation wards View and patient care.

During the epidemic, the epidemic prevention of the robot was responsible for the "publicity ambassador", and can provide 7 * 24-hour professional epidemic prevention and control information inquiry, and intelligent guidance related to the public. .