The charm of the Chinese market makes the world amazed (international argument)

The charm of the Chinese market makes the world amazed (international argument)

On November 10, a 6-day fourth China International Import Expo came to an end. The exhibition area reached 360,000 square meters, 58 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition, and nearly 3,000 exhibitors in 127 countries and regions. The company exhibition was unveiled. The gratifying results of the Expo will also make the world amazed the potential and charm of the Chinese market, once again witness China’s expansion of high level of power and ability.

  Entering the Expo "Winning Reputation and Prestige" Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spread globally, but the heat of the fourth entering the Expo is not affected. Data show that this year’s 58 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared in the enterprise exhibition, country and enterprises exceeding the previous session.

In many foreign media, I have been a new window to share China’s huge market for 4 consecutive years.

The Italy’s "Daily" website recently reported that after three years of development, the International Purchase, Investment Promotion, Humanities Exchange, Open Cooperation is increasingly important. Statistics show that more than 80% of the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises participating in the Excelle will participate in this session, the number of participants has increased last year.

The website believes that in the context of the global epidemic, enter the Expo to show new products for multinational companies, establish a new partnership, and open up new markets to provide valuable stage and channels, become a world-class trade platform. The enthusiasm of all countries actively participated in the exhibition, further highlighting the "universal gravity" that is difficult to resist in the Chinese market. Japan’s "Dynasty News" report said that there are 200 US companies and business groups this year, and the most creed in the past. This year’s entry fair reflects the attention of the United States and enterprises to the huge business opportunities in the Chinese market. Japan also tried to divide a cup in this huge market, and many Japanese companies have come to the Expo after last year, bringing the latest goods and technology to explore the Chinese market.

Tasshief quoted the Russian business representative Alekse Dahnovsky said that only the four-session of the Fair has earned reputation and prestige in exhibitors and visitors. At this exhibition, Russian exporters not only provide Chinese consumers with their favorite food, but also brought mechanical products.

Singapore "Joint Morning Post" introduced that the Singapore Industrial and Commercial Joint Association led 45 enterprise groups this year.

In this report, it is a large international exhibition after the epidemic, and the Expo is an important event that Singapore companies have to participate in all difficulties.

The huge Chinese market not only provides small products, but also a good field for new products. EF, I have important countries in Spain and Latin America, are also involved in this session. The largest economy in Latin America Brazil is full of expectations, more than 20 Brazilian companies exhibited. Spain has established a UNELIT in the agricultural food industry, with approximately 20 companies.

These companies are looking forward to showing its best quality products in the Chinese market.

For Mexico, its focus is not only to increase the share of the existing Mexican products in the Chinese market, but also to "provide diverse products" to meet the needs of Chinese consumers to more refined in the country.

  China is "the most promising market", although the entrance to the Expo has been successful, China’s open door will not be closed, and only the more the bigger.

China will continue to open markets in countries and share opportunities. According to an interview, the relevant person of the Japanese trade revitalization institutions has been expressed in an interview, thanks to the "6-day + 365 days" one-stop service platform, after the end of this year, the agency will open in Shanghai Hongqiao 1000 square meters of booths, all year round of exhibition to the exhibition goods to help Japanese companies continue to open up in the Chinese market. The new crown pneumonia epidemic gives an impact on the sales and earnings of Japanese companies, including SMEs, and some Japanese companies hopes to expand their exports to China.

Japanese Trade Revitalization Agency has shown that the results of Japanese Enterprise Overseas Business Development Questionnaires have been shown that there are more than Japanese companies that are intentionally expanded to expand exports, of which% of the Japanese enterprises choose China as exports; in addition, cross The sales destination of the ambassador is China’s accounting for China. This indicates that cross-border e-commerce demand for China is high. Not only is the Japanese enterprise, the intention of foreign countries export China and investment in China is significantly enhanced. The "2021 Business Confidence Survey" released by the China EU Chamber of Commerce shows that 60% of European companies will expand its business scale in China, which increased by 8 percentage points from last year.

The latest survey of the US Chamber of Commerce, 81% of the United States-owned enterprises expect China’s market-based business income will achieve positive growth, 66% of the United States and Hong Kong companies plan to increase investment in China, increased by 5, 3 percentage points from 2020, respectively.

For example, if the Italy’s "Daily" website said, companies participating in the Excelle will not only focus on exhibition results, but also on the opportunities provided in the Chinese market.

The website said that it is estimated that China will import more than $ 22 trillion items in the next 10 years. I believe that the most promising market in the world will continue to stimulate innovation potential and bring huge opportunities for the world economy and companies.

Tascia also believes that the top three new efforts have achieved fruitful results. On this basis, this year’s entry will still become the Chinese government to expand and open, strengthen international economic cooperation, and the maintenance of free trade during the post-epidemic perseverance. The most important global "highway".

In the current global fight against the epidemic and the world economic recovery, the success of the Expo will showcase China’s continued sustainable development of the world economy, achieving the globalization of the inclusive, and the new development pattern of the epidemic situation. Determined.

Havikistan Industrial News, SHELEK Cole, Bayev, said that China’s rapid development also benefits many countries.

Today, China’s manufacturing has become an important part of the global industry chain. The Chinese market has also become a world-raised market, which is the result of continuous reform and opening up China. "Important development of further development" is open is the clear logo of contemporary China.

This year’s entry makes the international community have a more deep understanding of China’s expanded confidence and determination.

The Japanese NHK website recently invokes the chairman of China President Xi Jinping, published by the opening ceremony of this session, China will be unswervingly promoted. China will further reduce foreign admission, negative list of services, and expand the openness of telecommunications, medical care, and revise the "Encourage Foreign Investment Industry Directory", introduce the negative list of cross-border service trade in the free trade test area. China will participate in international cooperation between green and low-carbon, digital economy, and actively promote the "Comprehensive and Progress Cross-Pacific Partnership Agreement" "Digital Economic Partnership Agreement".

The NHK website reported that 2021 was 20th anniversary of China’s joining the WTO.

In the opening ceremony of this year, President Xi Jinping also emphasized that "China’s expansion of high-level openness will not change, the determination to share development opportunities in the world will not change, promote economic globalization, more open, inclusive, Pleasant, balance, the determination of the development of win-win direction will not change.

"This also shows that China will continue to maintain the gesture of opening the domestic market on the basis of reducing tariffs." The Philippines Star "columnist Li Tianrong believes that in the past 20 years, China actively integrates into the global economic system, bringing the country and the world development Opportunities and kinetic energy.

The achievements made in China are inseparable from the support of the global economy. The world will benefit from China’s rapid development. Many of the problems faced by the current world must rely on development to seek answers. Entering the bloggers to bring together global merchants, not only the international commodity display platform, or trade platforms and investment platforms, to seek business opportunities for global companies, and get out of the epidemic. At Professor Carl Fini University, the University of Alto University has also said that China’s expansion of China has been remarkable, and the Expo is a major measures for China’s optimized business environment.

At this year, China once again issued a resolutely opposing Singleism and Protectionism.

In this regard, Carl Fee said, I hope more countries "in China as an example".

Russian satellite news agency commentator Liaonid Kovaci issued a comment that China’s comprehensive implementation of foreign investment laws and supporting regulations, continuously improving the business environment, and foreign companies will only increase their interest in investing China. According to Boston Consulting, as of the end of 2020, China’s asset management market has grown nearly 10% compared to 2019.

Considering that China’s market is expected to further expand in the next 10 years, in the investment bank, entering China is an important opportunity to achieve further development. (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.