Swedish economically multiple uncertainty

Swedish economically multiple uncertainty

[] Seeing the world · Ying see Nordic Swedish new crown diagnosis case has exceeded 300,000 cases, and the total number of deaths exceeded 7,000 cases. At present, the first of the five countries of Northern Europe. With the arrival of the second round of epidemic, the Swedish government that has always adhered to the loose anti-vulgence has to promulgate a series of more stringent epidemic prevention measures, such as recommending remote office, high school and universities to teach, public places are prohibited from more than eight gatherings, restaurant prohibition Selling alcoholic drinks after 10 o’clock in the evening. These measures have made multiple economic sectors. The aviation industry is the first to rush. The "Swedish Daily" reported that the Northern Europe, which was bonded in Northern Europe, lost 26 billion Swedish, with only 23% in the first quarter, and the annual loss of 9.3 billion krones.

CEO of Northern Europe Airlines said that the company’s operational situation is not optimistic, and losses are likely to occur next year. The bankruptcy quantity of hotels, catering and transportation and other industries increased significantly. The daily news network of Sweden reports that with the increase in infection, the number of bankruptcy in Swedish hotel, catering and transportation and other industries increased significantly in November and the increase in the increase in infection. The bankruptcy of the hotel and catering industry increased by 12% year-on-year, and the transportation industry increased by 26% year-on-year.

  In order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic, many retail merchants will extend this year’s "black Friday" for five days.

Recently, when Christmas is not coming, some merchants launched "red weekends" to stimulate consumers to buy their desires.

  The macro level, the third quarter of this year, the total export value of Swedish commodities fell by 9% compared to the same period last year, and the number fell by 2%.

The value of commodity imports decreased by 10%, and the number fell by 4%.

While the foreign trade is cold, its national economic research institute statistics showed that domestic trade continued losses.

In the past two weeks, trade losses increased from 8% to 13%, and the reduction in the turnover of the hotel and catering industry was particularly serious. At present, the current loss rate of the industry is close to 65%.

The Swedish Bureau of Statistics showed that compared with the same period last year, the speed of enterprises in the third quarter was significantly slow, and the total investment of corporate investment decreased by 6%, which reduced 5.2 billion Swedish Krone, and the investment in real estate industry has decreased. In order to boost the economy, the government has introduced a series of rescue and stimulus policies.

At the end of September, the Government has decided to extend the government credit guarantee plan from the spring to the end of this year to support SMEs who have been caught in financial dilemmas due to epidemic. Contulsted epidemic and more stringent prevention and control measures introduced to the economy add more uncertainty to the economy.

The Swedish government submits the bill to the Parliament on the provision of the bill to temporarily strengthen prevention and control measures under the major epidemic. If the bill is approved, the bill will be officially effective on March 15 next year. The Act will give government and multiple institutions to effectively control the epidemic in the face of major epidemic.

In addition to public gatherings and public activities, the bill also relates to leisure or cultural event places, commercial places, public transport, and private party venues.

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