Throughout "Test Field" to create a "demonstration board" Kumuchu company to run high quality life cycle

Throughout "Test Field" to create a "demonstration board" Kumuchu company to run high quality life cycle

From the persistent supervision of the investigation, the continuous supervision of the company is listed; from the awareness of the principal responsibility, to the intermediary agency’s liability, the young KPM is perfect in the market inspection and the rule of law. In the way forward.

Stick to hard science and technology, under the leadership of the registration system, the Banguangbano company is steadily running on the high-quality development of the fast lane, is moving from the system to the depth. After the efforts of the market, Kechuang board as the "test field" of the registration system, the "demonstration board" of the service technology innovation, and the quality board "of the listed company’s improvement and efficiency, has been proud. Under the leadership of the registration system, the Kibokian’s audit system was established in the "glass cage". What is the trial, what, what, what, "Volume s face"; inquiries, meeting, registration, IPO schedule instant update; open, transparent, enterprise issuance list is expected; withdrawal, veto, veto basis, all according to There is a law. In the past three years, the Demonstration effect effect of the Kobo panel is overflow. In the issuer, the audit process is open to the obvious conditions that guarantee the fairness of issuance. "The situation of various companies is on the Internet, and the whole society commented on reviewing standards and quality, compare similar companies, similar issues, have a unified audit ruler. Investors can pay attention to the full appearance of the auditing inquiry, timely judgment The company value has also enhanced our confidence. "Dai Weimin, chairman of the core, Dai Weimin, I feel deeply. In terms of sponsoring agencies, the audit process is open to transparently transparent to the soil of thoughts and good ecology.

The latest regulatory orientation can be found in time by public inquiries, so that the issuer will work together with the sponsor agency.

"This helps to guide the sponsor agency to focus on doing information disclosure without pleasing.

"The general manager of a brokerage investment bank said. In the whole market, the audit process is open to the reflection of the spirit of the rule of law." An inquiry reply can see it immediately on the Internet, such timely, open, transparent, even There is no overseas mature market. "The investment line has also formed a power constraint mechanism for joint supervision of the whole society.

At the same time, the Komantnock review has introduced an advisory committee composed of experts in various fields to conduct a professional assessment of each issuer’s "accommodation". Under the joint supervision of the social jury and expert jury, the deterrence of the audit is further enhanced. After nearly three years of practice, the Kob & Book review has been significantly improved by the overall grasp of the enterprise. It is set off at the perspective of investors. Inquiring the star, template, exemption, exemption, and less.

"The accuracy of the audit inquiry is greatly improved.

"A sponsor representative said to the reporter," There is less, asking for more, supplementing the disclosure, which is more targeted, the readability is improved, adequate, consistency and understandable Sexuality is further reflected. "Data show that the audit mechanism has been run for three years, and the IPO elimination rate of Kob & Book is basically in 23%.

Among the 146 companies that have terminated the audit, the IPO process is terminated by the IPO process.

Hug Yuan is defeated, introduce exception, and the "golden word sign" of Kob & Chow attracts a batch of hard technology companies. Since the beginning of this year, Angu Technology, Yang Tang Semiconductor, Tang Dynasty, and the finest segment of the Division of Technology, Hundreds, Tianyue Advanced, etc.

The hard studies of the newly acceptable enterprise have once again improved: the median number of corporate invention patents is 21, 5 required by the uncharacter creation of property standards; more than 50% of the number of invention patents account for up to 30%, higher than previous The annual mean of 20%; "small giant" enterprises account for more than 20% of the newly acceptable enterprises. Continuing supervision is an important part of the registration system reform full chain, which is a powerful grip that improves the quality of listed companies.

In the past three years, the Boardo board has tight around the center of "Quality of Listed Companies", with "Branch, Strict, New, Stable" throughout the continuous supervision work, standardize and guide enterprises to create the main industry, and continue to do excellent Work hard to build a high-quality development cluster of capital markets. The department, adhere to the initiality and positioning of "Kobookmakers surname".

"Co-containing volume" is not only the entry standard, but also throughout the whole life process after the company is listed. With information disclosure as a starting, through the development of "Separate Property Sustainable Disclosure Guidelines", key regulations, fundraising, fundraising, major investment transactions, etc., continue to promote the focus of the department. In the third quarter of 2021, the investment intensity of the research and development of CDB Co., Ltd. was 13%, and the first sector of A shares. The research and development results are constantly emerging, and the average of 100 invention patents have exceeded invention patents.

Among the 353-family creative, 49 have received the three major awards of the National Science, 28 were rated "Manufacturing Single Articles", 104 were identified as the national "special" small giant enterprise.

Strict, strictly prevent the traditional market chaos to repeat the Bochuang.

After the company is listed, the CCA insists on the early management of the early management, strengthening the pre-research pre-judgment, and the "discovery of the diagnosis" found in the early, prevention of the first, disposal in small ", and strictly prevent small lesions, and the individual risk becomes systematic risk.

The relevant person in charge of the Sitress said that the bobbin born under the registration system must supervise the upper and lower efforts in the event, "Science Boke as a new sector, starting with a good rule, consciousness and behavior.

It is not possible to go to the market, and the thoughts are not listed, and we must resolutely prevent traditional market chaos.

"New, based on institutional innovation, Ke" … Innovation of each key system, which is rooted in Chinese characteristics, and reflects the spirit of marketization reform.

Kechief Board relaxed the conditions of equity incentives. At present, there have been 165 instinct incentives, and the company coverage has reached 47%, and the incentive targets exceeds 30,000, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological talents. Stable, maintain the market smooth operation. Since the opening of the market, Kechuang has vigorously promoted the "effective market" to play a decisive role, launch "there is a supervision" to make up for the market failure. The mechanism of investor appropriateness, full game transactions, etc. Overall, investors participate in positive and orderly, market transactions are moderately moderate, and this year, Kechuang Board has circular change rate, which is higher than the motherboard.

Co-Chuangbano company’s attraction is constantly improving, and many stocks have been included in the internationally renowned index.

The registration is a "cattle nose" project that has deepened the reform of the new round of capital markets, and has deepened the ecological and development trajectory of the capital market. The intermediary as a "watching person" that shoulders the quality of the listed company, and its performance requirements have also reached an unprecedented height.

"In the pilot registration system reform of Kobang, the listing conditions is the" subtractive ", the intermediary is ignored, and the system must be the ‘additional’." The head of the taxonomer is frank, the system is constrained, the interest is constrained to promote intermediary institutions. In advance, I actively implement my responsibilities, one of the important practices in the past three years of construction.

Boardo board introduced the sponsoring institution to the system, and the new role of participating in the new shares in the new shares through the interest constraint, increase the conscious consciousness of the objective pricing.

Since the open board, an alternative subsidiary or related subject participation of a total of 49 injustishes agencies has been completed, and the total is 16.1 billion yuan. At the same time, the first-class market game is increased, and the sponsorship institution becomes more prudent in project screening and IPO pricing. Kechief Board also innovatively explores the development of sponsorship on-site supervision, through the initiative to enter the sponsoring institution, the on-site inquiries and cut verification, supervision, guiding the sponsors more effectively responds to the review of the review, both improve the accuracy and target To the sex, play the role of "governance", but also to stimulate the "endogenous wind control power" of the sponsorship to improve the quality of practice, and play the "cure" effect. Up to now, the SOCI will conduct a live supervision of 55 projects in response to the response and verification of the verification and verification, and 41 projects have been revoked, and three vetoed by the Listing Committee, effectively suppressed intermediary institutions "with disease" The impulse, and prompts the sponsorship industry from "program guide" to the "risk-oriented" due diligence work, and play "supervising individual, guide the industry" role. Cege in the border of intermediaries responsibilities, and the construction system related system related systems under the registration system is constantly improving. Under the leading committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Submit research revised the principles of the sponsor’s due diligence, sponsorship, and lawyers engaged in the practice rules such as intermediary institutions such as IPO business practitioners, establish a system system such as sponsor practitioner, and promoting all parties Be responsible.

"After nearly three years of extensive propaganda, the rules continue to introduce and improve the frequency of supervision penalties, the increase in supervision penalties, and the clear requirements of the sponsor’s internal accountability, compaction intermediary responsibility has been deeply rooted in the sponsoring institution. The glocking effect is very significant. "Wang Wei, member of the Zhongjin Company Management Committee, the head of investment banking, said to the reporter that with the perseverance of the intermediaries, the intermediary is selected, the intermediaries are selected in the company, good company, and prevention The consumption of fraudulent listing is increasingly prominent, and the intermediary institution is still a long way to go.

(Author: Joyou).