Red Baibao struggle for a hundred years 丨 Episode 57: This is broken and width chair, witnessed his day night!

Red Baibao struggle for a hundred years ? Episode 57: This is broken and width chair, witnessed his day night!

Who does not like the official? Today, Keyu, rain today is the 57th anniversary of Jike Yulu, "Red Baibao Falling 100 Years" report group, the treasure is the rattan chair of Jiao Yulu, "Yicheng also dunes, death also the father of the father, the death of the old life" in 1962, Jiao Yulu does not care about himself The sick body is coming to the sand, the monk, and the saline-alkali is raged from Lanku County, Henan Province, the secretary of the county party committee, Jike Yuru, to endure how much disease pain is? A broken wicker chair witnessed these touching-deep day Nights Night Night in September 1963, Jiao Yulu’s liver disease is very serious in the meeting, report, he always stepped on the right foot on the chair. After lifting the right knee, he took the heart of the liver, and he was taken away from the right side of the cane chair. Soon, the rattan chair was broken on March 22, 1964, that is, Jiao Yulu went to the hospital, he was in this rattle in the vine chair to take the trembled handwritten handwritten "Lankao people," Dare to teach the Japanese and changed the new day. Click on the link to learn more "Red Baibao Fighting 100 Years" special report supervision: Sun Chengbin, Chen Erqi planning: Zhao Cheng, Sun Zhiping, Wang Ding producers: Zhang Xudong, Fanhua video team leader: Qiu Hongjie, Yan Xiaoyan writing group Long: Zou Wei, Zhao Chao Fusion Group Leader: Che Yuming, Du Yu, Wang Min, Chang Junli Video: Zhang Caixia Support unit: Lankao Jiao Yulu Comrade Memorial Hall Understanding Xinhua News Agency China Xinhua News Agency Sports Video Department Xinhua News Agency Henan Branch Xinhua News Agency.