She is sitting on the chair for the student lectures: one lesson does not want to delay

She is sitting on the chair for the student lectures: one lesson does not want to delay

  Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, December 10 (Reporter Yang Lin) "Teacher Lu, can we call you how good!" Looking at Lu Yuying teacher who kneeling on the chair, the students said moving. Lu Yuying, the second primary school teacher in Xiayi County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province, due to long-term volts, spine, and can’t stand up for a long time. She is worried that the teacher will let the children be difficult to adapt in a time, in order not to affect the progress of the children, they can only kneel on the stool.

  In the past month, her condition suddenly aggravated, often hurts in the evening. The doctor is in bed, be resting in bed, after the pain is relieved, then gradually leave the bed.

However, Lu Yuying is relieved to get a student in the class. At 8:00 am, she rushed to the hospital to infusion and taking towns.

After the treatment, she put on the protective gear and hurried back to school. "Because I like children, I can’t bear them, so I haven’t had a rest since sick." Teacher Lu said.

  When she was in class, she sometimes hurts, she quietly leaned against the table, or squatted to the children in the chair.

  The hospital gave her a treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, requiring it to take it around 11 am. Once, when Du Teacher Drinking Chinese Medicine, the students found the "secret" of her sick. The children surrounded her, and asked her about her condition. They some took the water, and some were back.

A small face of a concern, a warm greeting, let Luo teacher red eyes. "We like Lu Mu’s class, we can’t leave her.

"Students are afraid that Mr. Lu is too hard. When I was in class, I listened more seriously." Children, you observe, in this forest sports, small white rabbits in the first few? " Who is in front of it, who is behind it? "Lu Yuying mimics the appearance of the bunny running in the classroom, sometimes the slow motion of the small turtle, and the children under the platform looked at her, followed her to travel together in the ocean of knowledge." Banli child is old, Attention is easy to concentrate, when class, I will often interact with children, contact real life with textbook knowledge, so that children will learn. "Lu Yuying’s father is also a teacher, is influenced by his father, Lu Yuying admitted to Xiayi Normal School with excellent results.

After graduation, she entered the second primary school in Xiafu County, and the last stop on the podium was 28 years. Because of the excellent work, she won the honorary title of excellent class teacher, municipal key teachers, municipal three-eight red flag, and the school’s mathematics teaching team leader. Lux Yuying has taught a lot of students today, often have students to find her: "Teacher Lu, do you remember me? You taught me, now my child is in elementary school, I still want him to follow You study! ".